Committee Update Winter 2017

The hall continues to be busy and we are just turning a profit which is good .  We now have a wide range of regular actives taking place as well as  activities carried out by The Pathhead Music Collective, The Pathhead Players, The Pathhead Youth Project and the Tynewater Churches.


Our AGM was well attended and we have a new larger commitee. However we would still welcome any additional help - perhaps you could join our group of commitee supporters, who help out at occasional events or with partiular maintenance issues. We usually meet on the first Thursday of every month in the PSSc at the bacl of the hall.


We are also looking to rekindle our refurbishment efforts and welcome input with anyone with experince of doing this. Please see the commitee page for contact details.


We have several events planned for winter 2017-sprint 2018. We are aiming to get events like these, and the 70's Night or Abba Nights, taking place  every couple of months. These are organized  by the Committee, our enthusiastic co-optees or The Pathhead Music Collective  or the Pathhead Sports and Social Club. The Pathhead Plays are still a re-highlight in the village - Remember the Panto. 


We would like to see the Hall used further so there is something every night and have at least one social event each month. There is still opportunities to hire the hall or indeed the newly refurbished Social Club room at the back of the Hall, which would be ideal for a smaller gathering. If you are thinking of organising an event or party please consider the hall. We can help with a bar, coffees and even music or a disco. The Hall can also spruce up very nicely and be a great wedding venue.


Management Committee

Our Management Committee are

Neil Dumbleton (Chairman)  .......................  07880 235351

Jackie McNairn (Bookings)  .......................  07840 356567

Mike Johnstone (secretary) .......................

Brian Christie (Treasurer)    .......................  07739 278828

Helen Gilmore                        Angela Falconer

Davie Anderson                    Tara Dixon

Matt Elliot                            Eric Davidson

Niall Mcgregor                      Aileen Alexander

Jenny Gardener                    Donna Lothian


For booking information Jackie McNairn or

website manager - email



We have changed our consitution and are now a SCIO. For more information see here

Recent Development Work

We are constantly looking to improve the hall. We have recently refurbished the Sports & Social Club Bar, rewired the hall and had an electrical check carried out. We have installed gas heating. Other recent improvments include new lights alround the hall, notice boards and new doors at the side of the stage.


We woudl like to thank the band of villagers that painted the front of the hall and the porch. This was a mammoth effort and much appreciated


Please speak to any member of the committee if you have any ideas on how to develop the hall and the Association further.

The committee get to grips with replacing the               

Hall seats with new benches.                                   


Announced in the 2017 Queens Birthday Honours:


Medal of the Order of the British Empire

Mrs Jacqueline Fraser MCNAIRN

For services to Young People and the community in Pathhead, Midlothian.


"The PDCA are delighted to see Jackie honored for all her great work in the community"

Pathhead Needs You



While must has improved in the hall we still need your help. Our committee is notw bigger, we would really appreciatehelp from villagers with specialist skills - for example in maintenance or fundraising.


We meet once a month (1st Thursday) at most and the involvement is not onerous. With more people working together however, we can do more events and look to refurbish the hall to be a real asset and social centre. If you can spare a few hours each month, or have ideas for new uses or events please contact us.

The committee help out 

at the Cool Yule


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